Measure K

General Obligation Bond – Measure K


On November 4, 2014, voters approved Measure K by 67.80%.

“To improve the quality of education; provide new classrooms to reduce student overcrowding; make safety and security improvements; construct a new kitchen to provide healthy meals; replace outdated fire alarms; upgrade nearly 100 year old windows; and improve student access to computers and technology; shall Briggs Elementary School District issue $4,500.000 of bonds at legal interest rates, have an independent citizens’ oversight committee and have NO money taken by the state or used for teacher or administrative salaries.”

Upgrade Infrastructure at both sites– Includes upgraded safety and security, increased electrical power for classrooms, increased infrastructure for wireless technology, energy-efficient lighting, and ADA improvements (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Provide new classrooms –BESD has seen a steady increase in enrollment over the past 7 years.  Recently, new worker housing has been developed in the school boundaries.  New portable classrooms are necessary to maintain class sizes.

Update windows at Briggs – Current windows in the main building at Briggs School is over 100 years old and have not been updated.  The windows are not safe to open and close and therefore do not provide adequate energy efficiency necessary.

New kitchen at Briggs:  The current kitchen at Briggs School is a non-cooking kitchen and does not adequately support the growing needs of the school.

Increase access to computers/technology:  The goal of the district is to have a 1 to 1 ratio of computers for all students.

The SCOPE OF SERVICES provides details for projects and estimated costs for each site.

By law, bond proceeds must be spent on facilities improvements authorized under Measure K.  No money can be spent on administrator salaries or pensions.  The District is also required to establish an Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee that will review bond expenditures and annual audits of those expenditures.

General obligation bonds authorized and sold will be repaid by tax assessments on real property in the District.  The estimated cost is $30.00 per year per $100,000 of assessed valuation.  Assessed valuations are determined by the County of Ventura and do not reflect fair market value.